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What's Included:

  • Responsive / Mobile Friendly - We can integrate into a responsive store, or a desktop and mobile store separately.
  • Two user-friendly layouts to choose from - The filtering / sorting / pagination bar can be shown above the item boxes (horizontally across the top of the page) or to the left of the item boxes (vertically).
  • Instant Search / Auto Complete - Shows suggested search terms and products as you type in the search box.
  • Spelling error correction - When our search detects a user may have misspelled a word, we display a link with the correct word.
  • Synonyms - You can set up synonyms for search terms in the Admin dashboard, so if a user misspells a word, or uses an alternate version of a word, the products they want to see will still show up.
  • Unique Search Results Link URL - Generate links that have filters pre-selected to use in PPC advertising and social media. Great for sharing!
  • Styling and customization to match your store's fonts and colors - We will adjust the font, colors, and overall look and feel of our Search templates to match your store.
  • Pagination or View More - The way in which the user can view more products. Pagination: http://www.outdoorspeakerdepot.com/search-results.html   View More: https://www.aetnafurniturestores.com/search-results.html
  • Filtering & Sorting - Sort by Search Relevancy, Name, Price Low to High, Price High to Low. Each Filter includes the option to show results for selected filter A AND selected filter B, or selected filter A OR selected filter B.
  • Keyword Redirects - Useful when a user searches for a specific term and you want to redirect them to a section page or promotional page.
  • Single Result Redirect - Optional. If a search returns a single result, they will be redirected to that item page.
  • Show non-item pages in Search Results - Optional.
  • Display Filters by Term - This controls what filters to show on based on the search term. By default all selected filters will show if the filter has values.
  • Term Relevancy
  • Admin Dashboard - Manage all of your Search settings in one place.
  • Search Activity Reporting - Shows most popular search terms, total number of searches, total number of instant searches, and when they occurred. View within the Admin Dashboard.

Custom Add Ons:

  • 3rd party Integrations - For example, rating / review stars.
  • Design Customization - If you have a fully custom design you would like us to integrate, please Contact Us.
  • Programming Customization - If you can dream it, we can build it. Search Magic is very flexible for adding on custom functionality. Please Contact Us.
  • Integration on Section pages - Please Contact Us for more info.
  • Google Analytics Integration - Please Contact Us for more info.
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