How to Install Private App

  1. In the Shopify Dashboard, navigate to the Apps.
  2. Click on Manage private App located at the bottom of the Apps page
  3. You may need to enable Private Apps. In case you do, you'll see a screenshot similar to the below. Simply Click Enable private app developmentYou can follow instructions here to enable
  4. Click Create new private app, to create the private app
  5. Name the Private app Search Magic Private App
  6. Set the Emergency developer email to:  [email protected]
  7. In the Admin API section set the following:
    Products: Read access
    Script tags: Read and Write access
    Store Content: Read and Write Access
    Themes: Read and Write access
  8. Set Webhook API version to the latest version. 
  9. Click Save when done and then click Create app when the modal window appears.
  10. Once done, go to: and fill in the information in the form.
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