How to Edit Store Search Settings?

In the Store Search Settings, you'll be able to do the following:

  • Adjust Store Account Details
  • Setup Google Analytics Integration
  • Setup General Search Settings

Adjust Store Account Details

The Store Account Details, contains the basic information for your store.  

  • Store Name - This is your Store's Name. 
  • Store ID - This is the Stores ID in the current Platform. This field is not editable, since you can't change it.
  • Store URL - This is your store's URL. 
  • Don't Track following IPs - This allows you to whitelist your IP address so that your searches will not be tracked.  
  • Google Analytics View ID - To integrate Google Analytics with Search Magic follow these instructions.

Setup General Search Settings

A variety of store search settings, that will help control how Search Magic searches your product catalog.  

  • Enable Autocomplete - AutoComplete is enabled when the checkbox is checked.  This settings enables or disables the dropdown while you are typing in the search bar.  
  • Enable Collection Page Filtering - Collection page filtering when checkbox is checked.  The collection page filtering enables or disables Collection Page filtering in the store when active.
  • Search Operator - Controls how Multi-term search queries are searched. You can learn more about it here
  • Product UPC Search - Will do a simple match query to see if we can match the search UPC to a product UPC. If it does we will redirect specifically to that product.
  • Number of words separating the phrase Query - This setting controls the number of terms that separate how far apart terms are allowed to be while still considering the product match. By how far apart we mean how many times do you need to move a term in order to make the query and product match
  • Stop Words - Stop words are words which are filtered out during indexing and when searching a term.  The default list of stop words we have are most common words in the English language.  
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