What's New in Search Magic

Check out our most recent updates, from small fixes to new features.

August 2023

  • Added Search Language Analysis for the following languages:
    • English  -  Default
    • French
    • Spanish
    • German
    • Portuguese
    • Dutch
    • Arabic
    • Hindi
    • Russian

June 2023

  • Added support for Power Reviews in Search Magic for BigCommerce and Shopify

September 2022

  • Added support for judge.me product reviews in Search Magic for BigCommerce and Shopify.

October 2021

  • Adjusted Category Hierarchy Filter on vertical layout to: 1) remain expanded when filter is selected, and 2) not scroll to the top of the page.

August 2021

  • Added cookie based solution to retain user position when navigating back to Search Magic page.

February 2021

  • Added Bulk Category/Collection page edit.
  • Added ability to have out of stock products in Search Magic, but will be hidden on Search Results, Category/Collection pages and Autocomplete.  This will allow you to sort out of stock products on category/collection pages with them showing.

January 2021

  • Added ability to Bulk Sort Products by Sku on Category/Collection pages
  • Adjusted Spellcheck to find more possibilities. 

December 2020

  • For BigCommerce and Shopify Apps, improved product and category updates.
  • Add Search Preview for Bigcommerce and Shopify Apps

November 2020

  • Added Supplemental Feed support. Which allows you to add an external feed file to your product data. 
  • Added ability to be able to select specific values from a field to import into Search Magic

October 2020

September 2020

  • Improve Importing data for Shopify and BC integrations

August 2020

  • BigCommerce App in Beta
  • Added 2 new special import fields for BC and Shopify integration, lowest_variant_sale_price and lowest_variant_price.  

July 2020

  • Added Part Selector for stores with Year, Make, Model. So stores with automobiles can have a part selector for their products.
  • Improved Indexing speed

June 2020

May 2020

April 2020

  • BigCommerce and Shopify Added Import Protection. Stops data import when data drop more than 25%. Percentage is configurable.
  • Added ability to Customize Stop Words.  Stop Words are the common words or terms that search magic filters out after processing. 

March 2020

  • Expanding options for BigCommerce and Shopify Data Import Settings, to allow for more options to deal with data.
  • Add Greater Than and Less Than Relevancy adjustment options.
  • Updated internal Search Magic Editor from version 2 to 3 for improved stability and flexibility.
  • BigCommerce and Shopify added since_days_created field. This allows sorting options for new products.

February 2020

  • Improving Search Magic Server Infrastructure to handle new platforms and scalability
  • Fixing various Shopify App Beta issues
  • Added Selected Filters display outside of menu (Mobile view)
  • Updated jQuery to latest version
  • Added Reset CSS to avoid Style conflict with Store
  • Added Filter menu Overlay, Clear Filters link, and Close button to filter menu (Mobile view)
  • Adjusted menu to stay open during multiple filter selections

January 2020

  • Finish Shopify App Beta
  • Add Google Fonts to display settings

December 2019

  • Completed display styling options for Shopify App
  • Building out Shopify Setup Wizard
  • Begin building BigCommerce App

November 2019

  • Completed Import Settings Module and live
  • Begin working on Shopify App Dashboard
  • Begun working with Practical Data on Integration

October 2019

  • Beta testing data import settings module and fixing various issues
  • Begin working on Shopify App Install

September 2019

  • Begin Search Magic data import settings module for Shopify and BigCommerce
  • Hide section pages from showing in Auto Complete based on Display Settings

August 2019

  • Complete Beta of Shopify data importing
  • Complete Beta of BigCommerce data importing

July 2019

  • Begin working on a new Data Engine Module to import data from Shopify and BigCommerce via App integration
  • Added additional Security Protections

June 2019

  • Google Analytics Dashboard Integration Live for all stores

May 2019

  • Integrate Shopify store with Search Magic
  • Enabling Custom Product Sort for Shopify Collection Pages
  • Fix issue with Product Images on Custom Product Sort

April 2019

  • Fixing Beta Dashboard with Google Analytics issues from Beta

March 2019

  • Completed Beta Dashboard with Google Analytics Data

February 2019

  • Google Analytics integration Adding Search Impact
  • Google Analytics integration adding Search Terms

January 2019

  • Fix One Query Dashboard Analytics to ignore redirects

November 2018

  • Fix issue with Custom Product Sort on Section/Category pages
  • Adjust and fix issues Store Owner Dashboard Interface

October 2018

  • Fix issue with Filter Operator
  • Begin building out Google Analytics Integration

August 2018

  • Fix issue with Redirect term matching
  • Add additional query when no results are found, to expand more results

July 2018

  • Improve and Upgrade Search Magic Database Engine to allow for faster indexes and better search results

June 2018

  • Update Relevancy adjustments for not empty sorting
  • Improve Search Results Data Analyzing for better results

May 2018

  • Add additional Query for item code redirects, if matches exactly.

March 2018

  • Add Custom Product Sort to Sections/Category Pages
  • Updated internal Search Magic Editor from version 1 to 2 for improved stability and flexibility.

February 2018

  • Create Sort Relevancy Adjustments
  • Add additional options to adjust Search Results

January 2018

  • Improve Auto Complete Results and include AND Operator

November 2017

  • Add Setting to disable All Search results from returning results.

October 2017

  • Fix Category/Section Custom page

September 2017

  • Improve Store Re-indexing
  • Fix issue with hiding Filters per term.

August 2017

  • Re-brand to Dashboard
  • Add AND Filter Operator Logic

July 2017

  • Added White-list IP for Analytics
  • Separate Filters for Section and Search Results

June 2017

  • Added Image Placeholder to Auto Complete

April 2017

  • Add Search Term Redirects
  • Added additional Search Type option to field

March 2017

  • Add Sort order to Category Hierarchy Filtering
  • Improved Search Results for phrases

February 2017

  • Added Query Caching to Improve Results
  • Added Additional Sort Options
  • Add Category Hierarchy Filtering

January 2017

  • Created Category/Section Page Filtering
  • Improved Spelling corrections

December 2016

  • Setup Filter Values Range
  • Custom Filter Sort order
  • Fixed issue with Downtime during Re-indexing.
  • Created Display Filters by Term

November 2016

  • Added AND Search Operator
  • Added more options to search product Sku Search Results

October 2016

  • Responsive Design
  • Autocomplete
  • Instant Search
  • Spelling Correction
  • Synonyms
  • Bookmark Search Results
  • Pagination Options
  • Filters/Facets
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Section Pages
  • Search Reporting
  • Keyword Redirect
  • Relevancy Adjustments
  • Item Code Redirect
  • Placeholder
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