Import Settings

On the Import Settings Page, you can set up how you'd like to import the data into Search Magic.  The Import Settings page is broken up into 2 sections, Import Rules, and Import Fields

Import Rules

In the Import Rules section, you will set the conditions of what data you'd like to import into Search Magic.  By default, we import Products and if you have Category/Collection Page filtering enabled we also import the Sections.  Below are the default Import Rules that are set up for Search Magic.  

You can add additional rules, by clicking Add Rule or Add Group buttons.  

  • Add Group - Allows you to Group a set of rules together.
  • Add Rule - Creates a new import rule.  

Import Fields

In the Import Fields section, you customize the data that will be imported into Search Magic.  In the Import Field section, there are various operations you can do to adjust how the data is imported.  Below is what you can do with the Import fields

  • Add or remove fields to be imported into Search Magic. 
  • Combine multiple store properties into one Search Field. 
  • Format and customize how the data is imported into Search Magic. That can be by splitting the data by a character, appending, pre-pending, clearing or even mapping data from one value to another. You can see how that is done below.

Below is a screenshot of the Import Fields Overview.

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