How do Synonyms work?

Search Magic has the flexibility to add 3 different synonyms.  
  • Simple Expansion (Standard) - is a standard synonym. So for an example, if you want the following terms ABCMNO, and XYZ to all return the same results, then you'd set up a synonym for ABCMNOXYZ.   So when you search ABC, you'll also be searching for MNO and XYZ.  And when you search MNO you'll also be searching for ABC and XYZ. Also same goes if you search XYZ, you'll also be searching for ABC and MNO.
  • Expand Keyword to Synonyms- is a synonym that expands only on a specific term. For example, let's say you only want the term ABC to be expanded to search for MNO and XYZ. Then you'll add the keyword of ABC and in the synonyms, you'll list out ABCMNO, XYZ. So now when ABC is searched, you search for ABC, MNO, and XYZ. If you search MNO, you'll only get results for MNO.  And same if you search XYZ you'll only have results for XYZ.
  • Contract Keyword to Synonyms - would be used if you want multiple terms to be standardized as one term. So for an example, if you have a search term ABC and in your data, you have MNO or XYZ and you just want to standardize all of your terms into one specific term, you'd set this synonym up. So in Keyword, you'll have ABC and in your Synonyms, you'd have MNOXYZ. This will take these specific terms your item data now be set to it to be ABC.  So if you search XYZ you'll only be searching ABC and if you search MNO you'll be searching ABC.
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