How Often Does Search Magic Update?

Search Magic will automatically update anytime you publish your store.  Search Magic scans all stores and looks for new publishes.  Usually, within one hour any change to your site is live in Search Magic.  Following the instructions below are not necessary, but updating the URL in Publish Options will tell Search Magic to immediately update, so your results will update much quicker.

If you decide to update this URL, please send an email to [email protected] just letting us know so we can verify it is working correctly.

For Yahoo! Stores, Yahoo! has now added "Publish Options" in your store editor.  Under Publish Options you will see three tabs, Publish, Schedule and Notifications. 

Shopify and BigCommerce installations are updated in real-time.

Under "Notifications", you can enter this URL, which will notify our servers of a store publish. This will allow our system to index your store's changes faster.  The URL is shown below, along with a picture of where to place the URL.

It is important to note that this modification is NOT A REQUIREMENT.  Your Search Magic installation will continue to operate normally without this update.  This update will only result in a faster index of your website to the Search Magic database.  This modification is optional.

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